Anyone tried kicksecure?

In the Linux recommendations, Privacy Guides mentions Kicksecure. Has anyone tried it and what issues did you find?

I am using Kicksecure from last 3 years.
Haven’t found any issues.
I have used it in Qubes as well as on bare matal.
Is there anything specific you wamt to know.
Btw i’m using it with dwm.

Thank you for the response. I would be looking to use this as a general purpose desktop. Is there a lot of configuration/tweaks required to use it for typical use? There is little in the way of reviews of it, so mainly wanted to be sure it had no issues.

No configuration/tweaks is required to use it.

I’m assuming you are currently using a Linux distro.

After installation it’s like any other vanilla Debian install. No configuration is needed. You can immediately start using it.

Because there is nothing to review.

You won’t find any difference when compared with a clean Debian barring some Kicksecure text on boot, some extra warnings on entering wrong sudo pass etc. etc.

Thank you for the input. I will hopefully have a chance to install this over the weekend. Yes using Linux for some years.