Any recomendation for eReader hardware?

Hi guys!

I have been looking for a private device to read e-books and PDFs for a long time. Any recommendations?

I’ve been interested in the PocketBook InkPad 4, what do you think?


I’m far to be an specialist but I think many e-readers may work because we probably can use it completely offline and we can upload content to them using only the reader feature from the device in the end.

My current e-reader doesn’t have any given intentionally information such as email, my name or address so I don’t think it is a gadget to be much concerned.

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Pocketbook is your best bet, you can use it offline like @Cyber-Typhoon already mentioned. Besides that, you aren’t locked in any ecosystem.


Even Kindles work fine if you use them offline with software like Calibre to load books on them from your computer.

Thanks @Cyber-Typhoon @Equinox for your answers. The truth is not registering any personal information, passing the books by USB and leaving the device disconnected from the WIFI is more than enough. In addition PocketBook allows you to update the devices from the internal memory totally offline.

Thanks again!

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Yes, but Kindle device is always identify by Amazon and the OS is worse than, for example, that of PocketBook. Besides, you can’t update offline with a Kidle, at least as far as I know :blush:

Everything about Amazon has a halo of lack of privacy. For this reason and many more I have sold my Kindle and am looking for another device. :smile:

Kindle device is always identify by Amazon

Shouldn’t matter if you use it exclusively offline and don’t register it.

Besides, you can’t update offline with a Kidle, at least as far as I know

Manually Update Your Kindle E-Reader

I won’t argue with preferring the software/hardware of other options regardless of privacy, I just wanted to make it clear that it was possible to use these devices privately if you happen to already own one or could get one for cheap.