All contacts use Gmail, and Outlook does not have PGP


I know gmail or outlook is not recommended here. All my contacts use gmail and outlook and don’t have pgp encryption.

So if I switch to proton or tuta, will I get something better?

Looks like Google no longer scans email content, right? I’m not sure if this is true for their free or paid services.

That won’t work. Both sides need to use PGP encryption. You can manually set up PGP on any mail provider but few people bother. Protonmail has PGP encryption built-in by default, offers it as an optional feature.

Tutanota has their own encryption system (not PGP) so messages are only encrypted between Tutanota accounts.


Proton or Tuta are of no use if the other party uses gmail or outlook.

As I said before, my contacts don’t use pgp & neither does most of the world’s users.

Therefore, Proton or Tuta are only truly E2EEE when both sides use it.

Is this also the reason why users still stick with gmail and outlook?