AirGuard - FOSS AirTag detector

For the past few months I’ve been using AirGuard and thought it was about time to share it with everyone.

AirGuard uses Bluetooth scans of your Android phone to find AirTags and Find My trackers. Every tracker that is found will be saved locally on your device. Whenever a tracker gets detected multiple times the app will recognize this. It compares the locations where the tracker has been detected. If a tracker is detected at least 3 times and the locations have changed (to make sure its not your neighbour) the app sends you a notification. If this tracker is an AirTag you can play a sound to find it.

All this happens locally on your device and the private information, like location, tracker ids, etc will never leave your device.

Personally I’ve been really happy with my experience as a whole and has detected AirTags following me very well (from testing with friends)

Source code: GitHub - seemoo-lab/AirGuard: Protect yourself from being tracked 🌍 by AirTags 🏷 and Find My accessories 📍
Privacy policy: Privacy policy


Would it make sense to add something like this to PG?

Moving this to the tool suggestion category, I think this probably makes sense to add to the site (or something like it) given stories like this.

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