Advice needed on my computer situation

I have a little emergency and need some advice. I only have a Mac and iPhone. I’m sick of Apple and read all these discussions on this forum about Linux. I’ve never used a Linux distrobution. I bought a new computer that had windows 11 preinstalled simple to erase it because someone was suppose to install a version of Linux on it so I could learn. So my Mac is fucked and I have a brand new laptop with windows os that I haven’t even setup or used. I don’t even know how to use windows. Is there an easy fix or suggestion? I don’t have any jump drive that has a os on it and have never installed a os before. Should I just try to quickly follow the guides to harden windows for the time being or is there something else I can do that doesn’t require advanced computer skills? Obviously I have to install a os using the internet. I did buy a new google pixel 8 to install graphene on but my Mac refuses to cooperate and my Mac out of commission now from some freaking bug or intruder inside it. Ughhh.

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Why do you dislike Apple? How did the Mac stop working? What is wrong with the Windows device? Your post is unclear


some ideas:

a. return/sell the Windows 11 laptop, return to the Mac and get help with figuring out what’s wrong with it. Worst case, save all your data and reinstall MacOS to start fresh.

b. if there is something like Meetup[.com] you can use, find a local computer nerd group. Ask if anyone likes linux to see if there are any Linux nerds afoot. Ask them to show you how to get started. Sometimes public libraries have groups like this. There are online groups but I feel like the risk of encountering a troll would be higher.

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Three years ago I was exactly at same situation. I used Windows 10 and missed my Mac. Soon I understood I can not bare with it. Elementary OS was my first distro, it is kinda similar to MacOS, but it took me several days to hate it too, not even sure if it is even worst that Windows 10. Distrohoping time! It was fun, but now I can say the most important part was choosing desktop environment, not distro itself. I am happy Fedora Silverblue user for a couple of years now. But it was a weird transition from hate to love about GNOME. It looks simple, but with power of extensions you tinker it to your tastes and needs most easy way I ever seen.