AdNauseam: browsing data obfuscator

Doesn’t that just make advertisers pay more? They aren’t the ones at fault, companies like Google are. I think this is more harmful than anything, if it even works which I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t anymore. I suspect it wouldn’t be very difficult to detect.


This extension also gives your browser a very distinct fingerprint, it doesn’t add anything that uBlock Origin doesn’t.


Please give me the tl;dr at least. Links with zero context are less than helpful.


I’ve used this for quite some time.

I think it’s pretty great, and it definitely clicks links. The only question is, does it make a difference? Do clicks actually count? I wish the developers had used a Google Ads account or something to demonstrate that their addon works.

But as dngray mentioned, if your plan is to blend in then this ain’t it.

It just serves no purpose.

It either makes advertisers money, or they filter it out, or it makes your fingerprintable, it’s literally a addon with no use case that makes any sense over a regular adblocker like uBO.

If it is clicking adverts then that is using bandwidth to make those requests, thus impacting page load speeds etc.


Not sure I agree it isn’t their fault. I think they are definitely part of the problem. This add-on however as many pointed out isn’t solving that.