Add Pop!_OS

I think silverblue is still better if ubuntu doesn’t have immutability just yet.

Silverblue feels appropriate for intel/radeon graphics. But because of the need for 3rd party repository, thus breaking the “atomicity” in principle, Nvidia feels better on the regular Fedora.

ohhhh I have to think about this, thank you!

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This does not break atomicity, it simply means that updates and other changes will take longer to apply. The process itself is still atomic.

makes sense

Because their line ups are NVIDIA only, which don’t work well under Wayland (until recently)?

So there’s nothing else that makes it not recommended? I can just enable Wayland and then use it?

It says it already uses Cosmic? Am I missing something?

Yes, they named their lightly tweaked version of gnome, Cosmic, before they decided to make their own Desktop Environment (also called Cosmic) that is the source of the confusion, (what you are reading is referring to the former, not to Cosmic the desktop environment).


Pop OS doesn’t officially support Wayland (yet). If you enable Wayland, you may encounter bugs.

Also, the current release of Pop OS is based on Ubuntu 22.04, so you are stuck with some pretty old packages in the repos, which Privacy Guides recommends against.

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