Add Euki - Period and pregnancy tracker

According to this source : , Euki seems to be the “best” app in terms of privacy.

I haven’t used it, I don’t know if it is good in terms of result and usability, but without getting into politics, considering what is happening in the United States, it would be really important IMO to have a section for people who wish to keep this data private. :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw the AMA on our subreddit about this. Thinking maybe we might link to the Mozilla Foundation’s website rather than specifically duplicate their research.

As this is an ever-changing area and this particularly category is not the only interesting one.

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Since I didn’t see it included in that article, drip. might also be worth looking at. I think it’s a great topic, though, and it might be worth mentioning the existing Health and Fitness PR.

I’ve only taken a cursory glance, so it might not be within the PR’s scope—related, all the same!

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I forgot about that article, which is a good place for it. You also weren’t the only person to mention drip.

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Yeah i would recommend adding both drip and Euki so there is options to choose from. I really like that Euki allows the 0000 to show a blank screen