Add AI Chat tools

I tested GPT4all on Mac. After you installing the app, you can either download the models from its UI, or you can download them separately and put it into the relevant folder. Then, you can make changes to the settings if you want.

Preferably, check if sharing conversations with model authors and disable it.

Saving chats to disk takes a lot of disk space.

For macs with silicons, you can also use metal, but if you use more ram than you have, it will crash.

I’m not that knowledgeable on this kind of AI. Would a locally run model on GPT4All have lower quality of results than cloud based models like mixtral 8x7b with brave leo?

Ignoring speed differences due to hardware, how is the actual quality and content of responses?

That’s concerning. We wouldn’t want an offline model to send data home, as this nullify the point of running it locally. Is it opt-in with no nudging to enable it ?

Check out The short answers is most likely it won’t. The long answer is :


The Mixtral 8x7b can be easily run on your computer, but more powerful model like Claude Instant can’t. although it doesn’t matter since they are closed source. Recently though, Meta released Llama 3. Its 8b version is more powerful than any of the model Brave hosts, including Claude Instant (2). The 70B model (can be run on a very high end pc) is only below Google, OpenAI, and Claude. The Llama models have a fairly permissive license.

I think we should definitely lists some resources in the recommendations list. I’m even thinking of making a guide, but I am not sure this is PG role.

About the criteria section, I do not feel comfortable knowing that chats are kept for 30 days.


What are the hardware requirements for the two Llama models? I couldn’t really find a straight-forward answer online.

It was only opt-in last time I checked. have just updated the app. It asks when you open the app first. See screenshot.

It seems that they also polished the UI which I did not like in the past.

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The wording is very clear, seems fine to me. Can you do a listing for Gpt4All in the same format I did on my GitHub pull request ?

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I have never created a pull request, let me try when at home.

I am becoming concerned that Duck AI only use OpenAI and Anthropic and those keeps your chat for one month. If you consider this category like Search Engines (Providers), then that’s normal, afterall Bing and Google probably keep all queries ever sent to them, and that includes StartPage and DuckDuckGo. So in the Privacy Guides category we warn that there is no “guarantee that those privacy policy are honored”. At the same time, this category is also very close to a Tools category, as you are basically just offloading the work to someone with a more powerful computer. If we consider this a tool, then we must GUARANTEE the effective privacy.

I’m also concerned that despite the warning added against sharing PII, people will do it no matter what, as chatting with an AI feels similar ro doing so with an human, and humans are social creatures that love sharing.

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I have updated the Pull Requests and made it more readable. Check it out Create by TechFanTheo · Pull Request #2525 · privacyguides/ · GitHub

Any feedback, ideas ?

Add chat in ollama gpt4all as offline ai

I will not include an app without testing it first. if you have tested it yourself, feel free to write a short description, including platform availability, ease of use, which models are available, check the privacy, etc.

Not available on any recommended Linux distributions is a big-no.
Also , this :arrow_down:

I have already tested GPT for all on my system also olama on my system and now I am also testing olama on our cloud server which was given to me by @wojciechxtx

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Talking about ollama
Linux macos windows(preview)
Installation is very easy just a curl script though i know this is a unsafe method still it works and this script is open and manual installation is also a option those want that

Project is also in dockerhub to run under contrainer.
I have checked this can be run using podman which is a rootless docker like service and fully compatible with docker.

Project is on github

New models are coming everyday on my request phi3 medium just launched within 1day.

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I tested Ollama, very easy to setup indeed, the only issue I had is I couldn’t modify Llama 3 system prompt, despite multiple attempts at copying the model and writing a new system prompt, it will just add my prompt but keep the (very long) Llama 3 system prompt.

Can you show me what was the error you are facing i can try to help you with that maybe.
Ollama also have webui support.

Mozilla project

@brivacy My strong suspicion is that Mozilla will dump this project. Sooner than we think. As with almost all of their side-projects (Mozilla Reps Program being last one; at least that I know of)


Looks cool, I will try it. By the way, please remember to vote. We need 20 so that anything is published to the Privacy Guides website.

I watched a video from TheHatedOne yesterday about Meta’s open-source off-line AI/LLM. No account required and it’s free.

This is kind of like ollama from mozilla.
Have you checked it.