Adam Curry mentions GrapheneOS and other privacy topics on The Joe Rogan Experience

I ws hoping for some sort of summary/TLDR here for the busy people…

Uuuuu, exciting that it’s getting into “mainstream” in a good way. But I’m afraid that if projects like this gain traction, FBI/CIA etc… could view it as threat, and take it down, like :

  • Eliminate creators of the project
  • Make them disappear
  • Corrupt them
  • Blackmail them
  • Take their place, and incode their spyware, which wouldn’t be hard to do, because no one knows who they really are (at least as far as I know).

More over, I will wait, until they get enough attention, and if 3 letter agencies won’t try to stop them, or sabotage them, then I will be highly suspicious, if they were legitimately trying to provide privacy & security in the first place. (Just my subjective opinion, there is nothing that is suggesting, that it would be the case, at least not yet, I will watch this closely)

I think it’s pretty unlikely, unless one were to specifically market a product to criminal elements.

Those services also collect a huge amount of unencrypted data, which GrapheneOS does not. They do not operate any kind of communication platform (a primary target for investigations) either.

The fact is when agencies are interested in people, they are usually interested in specific individuals, therefore it’s a lot easier to target selectors known to be associated with those individuals.

They are also interested in those investigations remaining confidential, (in fact it’s often a requirement), therefore doing anything with GrapheneOS would mean that it would be unlikely to remain that way.

Your comparison is false equivalence.

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You are right, it’s not equal situation, I didn’t try to make it seem that way, I just wanted to provide anti-argument to what you said previously “I think it’s pretty unlikely, unless one were to specifically market a product to criminal elements.” Mainstream products (FB,IG,Whatsapp…) are not specifically marketed to criminals, yet, they are willingly (legally have to be as well) working with those agencies, in some cases their employees, work in their work spaces. In short : they are compromised.