According to Elon Musk, Signal has "known vulnerabilities that are not being addressed"

(SimpleX has a reply which states the obvious)

I think this thread is silly. Elon Musk, Telegram, and GrapheneOS teaming up to attack Signal? Yeah, I’m sure that’s totally grounded in reality :crazy_face:

You should set a strong PIN though, obviously (or not use one). Hopefully we’re all using a password manager for that and wouldn’t be susceptible to this… right? :slight_smile:

Yeah, tbh saying that Signal or Tor are US government honeypots is about the same level of crazy as saying RSA is backdoored because of the NSA.


The ‘anti-woke, CRT / DEI’ crowd of culture warriors is joining in as well. Certainly a weird little coalition.


Lol, they can have fun with their “X Messages”. I just feel bad for people who don’t know better getting misled by their claims like this.

Just to add data to the pot.

Rogan very briefly mentioned (I almost missed it) of a discussion between him and Tucker, where he had mentioned something or other to a prospective interviewer which was subsequently leaked. The thing was mentioned on a Signal chat.
I couldn’t find anything of Tucker mentioning this. Other than he believes he’s phone is absolutely watched and he will do the stuff (interviews) regardless.

Setting aside the personalities, was this said in passing? Unless there is something of substance to investigate it can easily be assumed to be a misunderstanding or paranoia.

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Not sure what Musk is on about, but in the case of Carlson & Rogan, there was no evidence provided, nothing to substantiate the claim (my recollection is Carlson’s claim is based on his iphone running out of battery quickly).

Bear in mind that to some degree all three of these people traffic in, benefit from, and have a track record of hyperbole and conspiracy theories.

Tucker Carlson’s claim was discussed over on Techlore


I have honestly been waiting for this and Meredith does not disappoint:


I never did pay much attention to the change of CEO for Signal — but wow, call me a fan cause damn she’s a fresh wind. Such nice change from the empty marketing fluff we usually hear.


Also, from

Tor was not written by the U.S. government – Tor was actually written by Roger Dingledine, and later on joined by Nick Matthewson. Initial funding for Tor development was provided by the U.S. Naval research lab via Paul Syverson. The State Department also partially funds Tor since it is used to circumvent censorship in various locations. Notably the proportion of funding from the U.S. government is becoming smaller over time, as more diverse funding options emerge and community financial contributions increase; see Tor Project Sponsors to learn more. [5]

Claims of a purposeful, malicious backdoor are considered extremely speculative, since the software is undoubtedly used by various American agencies and operatives. Backdooring Tor would therefore undermine the security of their own anonymity systems. Moreover, if only government agencies utilized Tor, then it would be rendered useless; all traffic would automatically be tagged as intelligence-related. One fundamental principle of anonymity is: “Anonymity loves company”. This means a large and diverse population is essential to make any one individual harder to locate.

Tor code is also thoroughly reviewed and studied by a host of security professionals and world class researchers, and no such backdoor has ever been discovered after around 20 years of development. All Tor Project code is open-source, reproducibly built, and the design and implementation well documented. It is implausible that future Tor developers will purposefully modify source code to enable spying on its users, and not be discovered in the process.


Elon and Telegram keeps all your messages in plain text in their servers. But yeah we have to trust they won’t read it. Secret chat is nearly useless, and group chats do not have E2EE at all!

Yeah, but Signal is flawed.

< citation needed >

Signal protocol and app is literaly the most advanced and built from the ground up security messaging protocol.

No FUD is this unjustified lolll.


“SimpleX enters the chat.”

yes because her is going to launch his own chating app. like signal or whatsapp.
if that is not the case he have enough money to just pay dev and fix that issue him self or mail to the devs of signal

can you clarify ?

elon saying that signal vulnerability because he is going to launch a signal like app

And SimpleX got completely destroyed by GrapheneOS in that thread.

The fact that Signal has vulnerabilities, or, let’s just call them weaknesses, is a fact. But everyone is shilling Signal, and nobody dares criticize it in fear of being eaten alive by Signal fanboys. This type of behavior from the community is how progress slows down.

Here are some technical limitations of the Signal platform:

Limitations are not the same thing as weakness or vulnerability. And it is usually (especially after years of development) outcome of design choices and target group.

E.g. I find any communication service without multi-device support useless. But that is not weakness, it is limitation.


@Sharply Elon its Elon. He would not be himself without invoking, yet another, “drama”.
He knows all too well that he cannot be (legally) touched, because he is shielded by multiple teams of (powerful) lawyers, who will use full legal force to make sure Elon is OK and the other party is NOT.