Accidently forgot to disable WebRTC in Firefox while on a VPN

I was creating a seperate profile on firefox and logged into one of my accounts, but I realized I forgot to disable media.peerconnection in the settings.

I didn’t check for leaks but I had my killswitch on my vpn. Should I be worried?

It doesn’t matter.


Thx for the answer, i have one more question i realized i forgot to add.

I use Mullvad vpn and it says my DNS has been leaking but it was not my real ip adress but different countries. is this fine as long as it wasn’t my isp?

You should be fine. Actually, the Mullvad website, if you don’t use their DNS-over-HTTPS service, will just say ‘oh yeah you have a leak’ while in fact you haven’t (even if you use Mullvad servers w/o their DoH service, you will suffer this issue).

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