About changing settings in Mullvad Browser

Hey everyone,
From what I read on the internet, it’s not recommended to change any settings in Mullvad Browser.
But I still have a few questions about some settings and best practices when using the browser.

Is it considered ok to change the home page to a blank page ?

Is it ok to import bookmarks? As I’ve heard of some techniques that allow fingerprinting through bookmarks favicons.

And what about setting bookmarks toolbar to view always ?

Also, What is the recommended level of security to use as default ? Standard / Safer / Safest ? Should I even change it?

You can change some settings but IIRC it is the addition of addons that causes some fingerprinting issues, not necessariluly changnig settings per se.

Bookmarks are not a concern


Yes, it’s perfectly safe.

Yes, your page content size is protected by the letterboxing.

You should keep Standard, only use another setting if you know what you’re doing. (I personally consider security levels to be a flawed approach, since it’s very hard to understand when to use or not, and what is the impact in terms of fingerprinting; security and privacy are not the same thing)