1Password vs Strongbox with iCloud Drive sync

I’m curious about your opinion, which cloud solution do you think is better in terms of security/privacy ?
Or maybe they’re equal ?
Using only macOS and iOS devices.

Strongbox with iCloud Drive sync (Advanced Data Protection for iCloud enabled)

None of them. Use Nextcloud, Bitwarden, Proton Drive/Pass, Tresorit. 1Password is not open source, so (IMHO) it is not trustworthy at all. iCloud not open source too.

If you not willing to change anything, then use Strongbox, but it is better to search for other solutions

PG recommendations:

I would choose Strongbox from these two since it is open source. Also, Strongbox just released wifi sync as one syncing option you could consider.

Regarding Moss’s comment, I don’t think using something like iCloud for syncing the Strongbox database is an inherently poor option since the database is strongly encrypted. As long as your master password is strong enough, it doesn’t really matter where you store the file.