Would you like to add a description about changing KDF in the Bitwarden recommendation column?

In the Bitwarden February update, a new feature was introduced that allows users to change the KDF to argon2id, which upgrades security from the old pbkdf2 standard to a new one.

Updates have been released for the web version, mobile versions (GitHub/Google Play/iOS), and desktop versions (GitHub).

Although Vaultwarden hasn’t been updated yet, relevant information was discussed in the conversation two days ago.
KdfMemory, KdfParallelism for argon2 configuration · Discussion #3171 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub

Given that the official version does not yet have argon2id as the default setting, would you consider providing a prompt under the Bitwarden field to suggest changing the KDF?

ps. The entire text was translated using ChatGPT and Deepl. If there are any tone or misunderstanding issues, it may be due to something I missed during the translation process.

Would like to let this land, so we can know that all versions of the app work with it.