Why not recommend InviZible Pro?

Orbot is recommended on PrivacyGuides. Is there any reason to why InviZible Pro isn’t recommended?

I don’t know what advantage it provides over Orbot, and on Android we would recommend using the built-in DNS over TLS functionality rather than DNSCrypt.


Orbot is not working in some countries like mine and the firewall feature in Invizible pro is amazing plus there is DOH instead DOT and an option DNScrypt plus the DNSsec option and some anti man in the middle attack option and i can say this app is just amazing, Give it a try please.


Invizible may be nice for power users, but has far too many foot guns imo.

@L_ishere670 I don’t see how Invizible does anything differently than Orbot that would help it bootstrap.

Invizible pro is a competitor to RethinkDNS with a better interface and more options like being able to allow lan connection only feature for an app which RethinkDNS don’t have.

P.s RethinkDNS is listed in privacy guides website.

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as DNS provider not the app, right? Apples and pears.

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I read that this app also supports i2p. So I would like to be reassured that its legit by seeing it listed in PG.


I would suggest trying to use both Orbot and InviZible Pro and compare them, and then you will see the advantages.

The better question is if there is any reason not to recommend InviZible Pro.

DNSCrypt is more private than DoT because thede ir less header that is sent to the dns server that can identity the client, encryption wise it uses the safe curves for ECC instead of curves that are supported by TLS.

DNSCrypt uses X25519 ECC and Xchacha20-poly1305 or Xsalsa20-poly1305.

X25519 ECC(Curve25519) are considered safe curves in this site https://safecurves.cr.yp.to/.

I have been using InviZible Pro for quite some time now, and here are the biggest advantages over Orbot:

  1. With Orbot you can only whitelist apps that will be routed over Tor, whereas with InviZible Pro, you can whitelist or blacklist apps and even websites that will be routed over Tor.

  2. You have to disable killswitch if you want to exclude an app from being routed over Tor with Orbot, whereas with InviZible Pro you can have killswitch enabled and still route apps over clearnet.


Why? DNS over TLS is one of the easiest thing to block, literally just a single port. It being built in is nice but it’s still the weakest encrypted dns method

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Can InviZible Pro be a drop-in replacement for Orbot? If so, are there any settings that need to be changed? I don’t want to stand out from Orbot users.

I really don’t like how Orbot is distributed, etc.

  1. It’s outdated on both the Play Store and the Guardian Project’s F-Droid repository.

  2. The Guardian Project F-Droid repository got removed from F-Droid because it contains some proprietary stuff and Orbot is not available on F-Droid’s official repository.

  3. You can only obtain it from GitHub, but the developers can’t even be bothered to tag beta versions as pre-releases, and all the other releases are release candidates (RC), which is confusing.

Meanwhile, InviZible Pro is available on the official F-Droid repository without any bs.


I keep a copy of the latest stable release in my DivestOS Unofficial repo: DivestOS Unofficial

This is critical because the actual current latest has a leak involving IPv6.

Tor Browser and Orfox before it both contained Google Play Services. F-Droid was like 4 years late to remove it despite notification.

Not unless they add an ez mode.
Otherwise it still has too many foot guns.
People will activate eg. dnscrypt and think they’re protected like used to be peddled years ago on forums.


It even has .onion mirrors, cool. But it includes the latest available versions even if they’re beta. Is it a good idea to daily drive beta versions of Orbot?


they’re all beta or RC

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Okay, just got the latest version from your repo, thanks.

Any updates? Why not recommend InviZible Pro? - #10 by anon28734771 seems enough to replace Orbot.

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Did this ever get fixed upstream?

I don’t think we can add this until it has. I don’t want to be adding unofficial builds really to the website.

yes it was fixed a while back in 17.1.1-BETA-3-tor-

and to be clear my repo merely mirrors the official signed builds, they aren’t unofficial rebuilds
because their own F-Droid repo doesn’t always include their latest releases
but I’ll keep it behind if I see issues, like I did in that case