Which Proton domain is the most reliable and accepted?

I’m setting up different addresses for different services right now as I transfer things over from my Gmail to Proton. I used proton.me for my main email, just because I figured it would be easier to say out loud to my family over the phone. But when it comes to signing up for services or when I need to provide it at a doctor’s office for example, I want to make sure their systems aren’t going to flag it as spam or invalid.

I see a few options.

Does it matter which one I choose? I want maximum reliability. pm.me is really nice and short, so if it doesn’t matter, I may just end up going with that one for everything.

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I have used both proton.me and protonmail.com and have never had an issue. Although, I typically do not give out my proton account.

I have an old google and yahoo email (kept around for playstore and so my family does not have to remember I have switched my email) that I use if I need a more professional sounding (ie one with firstnamelastname) email that forwards to proton via an alias email.

Most of the non important services that require an email I just use an alias email for that as well. It always amazes me that having 90+ alias emails is easier to manage then when I just had one email and no alias’.

Absolutely. I still struggle to explain to my family and friends the huge advantage in having something like Simple Login or addy.io to manage all of my accounts and how easy it is for me to change my e-mail provider.

“Oh but I always used this e-mail and I will have to manually change every account.” Yes, you do. But just once!

Yeah I imagine that people will become more open temporarily to this in the coming days as more companies have to disclose leaks due to the citrix vulnerability like comcast did.

I have an old google…email that forwards to proton via an alias email.

Interesting. I was trying to avoid forwarding my gmail to my Proton because I wanted to distance myself from the Google connection a bit more…I figured that was the norm for all this privacy stuff.

Most of the non important services that require an email I just use an alias email for that as well.

Yeah, so far I’ve made use of the 10 SimpleLogin email aliases and have been using them for the complete garbage. I was just hopeful that the multiple address capability of Proton would let me split things up even more.

I think your right. In a perfect world I would not have a gmail account at all.

Sadly though my gmail still ends up having a use. It grabs and deletes all my emails from my very old yahoo email (which I occasionally still need) and then forwards those emails + what it receives to an alias email. That alias then sends them to my proton. I have no clue, if this really provides me any benefit other then putting some distance between my old providers and my new one but it made sense at the time.

I am not sure this provides the same benefit as an alias email but its hard for me to comment as I just don’t know.

Take a look at DuckDuckGo E-mail Protection.

Unlimited aliases and clears trackers before forwarding to you.

No dashboard to manage all your aliases but if you use a password manager (if you don’t you should) it’s easy to manage.

I’ll have to give that a shot, thank you!

As for the password manager, I’ve got it covered! Happy Bitwarden user for the last 6 years or so, after Lastpass did their little bait and switch with multiple devices.