What's your preferred Chromium browser?

100 points on the stallman scala, but plain out wrong.


iOS user here

  • Desktop: Brave
  • iOS: Brave
  • DNS: Control D

Safari + AdGuard App doesn’t block nearly as much as Brave on iOS. Also if you use Safari on iOS, you can’t sync bookmarks to Windows. I use Windows, MacOS, Linux and iOS. Brave sync’s to all of these.


And now, Brave even syncs all the history across all devices, including the links we visited (not manually typed in the address bar), without having to use brave://flags anymore.


Tl; dr : Only the UI. The rest of the browser code respect the Chromium license and is also released under the BSD licence.
Nuance. Just wanted to point it out, but i understand your point. And yet again, it was just to answer to that thread question. Ain’t the one browser i use.

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Most people generally avoid Vivaldi because it collects a unique identifier every day in order to keep the number of unique active users, afaik. At first glance, that may seem unreasonable. But, I don’t believe they will ever share any personal data since that’s not their business model. That’s only needed for proving the number of users for the deals they made. Yeah it’s not perfect, but still better than other chromium browsers, if you don’t wanna use Brave.

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thats huge for me! Is it a chromium thing or brave specific?

It’s a Chromium thing. The flag is #history-journeys-include-synced-visits.

A few version ago, this flag was necessary to fix the sync behavior. Later, Brave moved to its sync engine, so it replaced this flag with sync all to Brave sync flag or something. Now, it doesn’t need any flag to sync properly :grin:

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