What is the most anonymous way of torrenting?

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regarding Tribler:

Maybe not fully related but why people are not using debrid sites instead of risking with torrent? Yes, debrid sites cost money like 30 Euro per year, but at least you are safer than torrent sites.

Never heard of debrid, a brief google search gives me the impression it is essentially paying someone else (a 3rd party service) to download torrents on your behalf and then downloading it from them via a ‘traditional’ download link. Does that sound like an accurate description?

One concern I have with that is that it seems you are introducing an additional unnecessary 3rd party into the chain, that you now must trust.

Another aspect that gives me a negative impression is:

A Debrid service, once it completes a torrent download, will stop seeding

That is considered bad etiquette / selfish behavior and harms the health and usefulness of the network if many people engage in this behavior.

WIth that said, I clearly don’t really know much about this topic yet, what do you think are the pros/cons of debrid, and why do you feel it is less risky than just using bittorrent directly?


Your IP is not exposed to 3rd parties. Download is faster compared to usual torrents. You don’t need to use any torrent apps. Plus you can use debrid sites to download from regular download sites, like rapidgator, uploaded, mega, nitro, etc.

Unless you use a VPN it would be exposed to at least one 3rd party (whoever runs the debrid service), right?

And if you do use a VPN, your IP would be protected regardless of whether you use torrents in the usual way or use another service like Debrid)

Yes, unless you use a VPN your IP will be exposed, but, it is easier to configure VPN to include your download manager instead of your torrent client. Also, many government agents and law firms are actively checking torrents but not direct downloads.

Just torrent on someone else’s computer/internet connection?

I am so confused is Tor + PG recommended VPN, not the best way to do this?

The best way to torrent anonymously (aka not have your IP leaked to every single person also downloading said torrent) in my opinion, is to use ProtonVPN and qBittorrent.

Why qBittorrent specifically?

  • Free and Open Source
  • Has a lot options
  • No adware
  • Allows changing port (important)
  • Allows binding the VPN to the client (VERY IMPORTANT)

Why ProtonVPN Specifically?
It is the only VPN that I could find that has been auditted, hasn’t gone through any sketchy incidents, and allows port forwarding (important). You can also use other VPNs as long as they allow port forwarding, although be careful on that.


  • To set it up, first download qBittorrent and ProtonVPN. Then, in qBittorrent, go to “Advanced Settings” and then “Network Interface” and then select your VPN (if it isn’t showing up, try running it and reopening the settings window and it should show up).

This is important because this binds your VPN to the torrent client, so that way if for some reason your VPN loses connection AND the kill switch for some reason doesn’t engage, your torrent client will immediately stop downloading, preventing your IP from getting leaked.

  • Then, go to “Connection” and set the port to whatever port you are using. If you are using ProtonVPN, please note that the port changes every time you connect, so you have to set it every time you start torrenting.

Port Forwarding is important for torrenting because Bittorrent relies on being able to accept both incoming and outgoing connections, and without it, you will be able to download less as you will connect to less people (on some torrents with a low amount of seeders, this can prevent you from even downloading the file).

  • Finally, go to “Bittorrent” and enable “Anonymous Mode.” This doesn’t make you completely anonymous, but when combined with a VPN, it helps.

This is the setup I use for torrenting and I believe it is highly effective.

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No, do not torrent on Tor.

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One (ethical/pro-social) reason is it is (arguably) squandering/abusing a limited shared resource that is really really important for some people.

Filesharing is very resource intensive, and the Tor network is (and likely will always be) stretched thin and resource constrained. By using Tor for non-critical but resource intensive things like torrenting, you’d be putting unnecessary strain on the network.

Of course there are some specific contexts, where using bittorrent might require the stronger anonymity of the Tor Network over a VPN, but those contexts are definitely not the norm for most torrenters who are just trying to avoid DMCA letters or the like.


Get a Seedbox,best way to go.

Deadly mistakes from 2014. Full redesign and new Rust code.

But I wouldn’t use it tbh, i2p would be much better.