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Wait what. Then you need to reply in said thread, not create a whole new thread.

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I actually did, but that post was already rejected so …

So, is it gonna be added for now or not?

Update: several hours ago they published an update that enables PFS by default, will Threema be recommended now?

I don’t know much about Threema other that it being paid, It’s already hard enough to make people switch to Signal which is free. How will people ever switch to Threema?

You can gift the app on iOS and buy a license key on Android, so it’s not that hard.

So I should not only convince all my my friends and family to switch but I should also pay the app for them? Is there a privacy benefit to Threema over Signal or Session?

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Allows you to use it anonymously.

And it’s not that expensive, it’s just 5$.

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So does Session and SimpleX, while it isn’t expensive it’s hard to convince people to buy it for only one contact. Most people already have a hard time getting people to install Signal because they’d only use it for one person. Even if I’d gift the app the costs would add up quickly. I don’t really see the use in Threema getting added to PrivacyGuides. It’d probably be less anonymous than Session or SimpleX since you have to make a payment.

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Duplicate of Why not recommend Wire and Threema?

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