Thoughts on Notesnook as an alternative to joplin etc?

I heard about Notesnook recently from a friend, and I have been looking into it and it seems fairly decent. Wondering if anyone else has used it or has any thoughts on it as a service


I use it and I love it. The developers are really active on it and new features are released often. You can get the premium version for only $10 a year if your a student

Not sure where you see 10 a year @stillcoat?

But yeah it’s a great solution I also started testing it lately and must say it’s better than the other solutions that offer e2ee. Still missing Notion every day haha.

Oh sorry looks like I forgot to mention that it was the student plan.

And Yeah I also miss Notion, I still use it but not as much. If they ever add E2EE, i’m going to jump back

Would you mind elaborating on that? It looks very similar to Joplin and standard notes.

Same… database feature is too good.

Sadly no longer a student :slight_smile: