The definitive list of Non-Android-Features

01:09 AM

I figured it might be interesting for GrapheneOS or DivestOS users to know what they’re missing out on when opting not to use Google Play Services, so upon request I have started maintaining a list of features that are advertised as “part of Android”, but in reality depend on Google Play Services.

I thought I would post this here as some may find it interesting and/or useful.

note that this is essentially cross-posted from the Matrix Chat. I thought people in the forum may be interested too.


Talkback is (code-over-the-wall) open source fwiw.
It technically has GSF, but is trivially removed.

official source: GitHub - google/talkback
my outdated fork/also currently used by F-Droid: GitHub - Divested-Mobile/talkback: Liberated version of the TalkBack system accessibility app for Android
the GrapheneOS fork: GitHub - GrapheneOS/talkback
a well-maintained/updated fork: GitHub - talkback-foss-team/talkback-foss: Unofficial FOSS-friendly fork of Google's TalkBack

Oh, that’s interesting
Does that include the version baked into Android Accessibility Services that Google ships through Play? :thinking:

I’ve never used stock Android, so no idea.

I’ll have to do some digging then, thanks for the heads-up!

Very interesting, thanks for that!

Do you know of any alternative for call screening and that also works when you get a call while the screen is off?

Not currently, no. But doesn’t call-screening rely on Google Assistant anyways? :thinking:

I think Samsung has their own implementation in their caller, works without Google Assistant or the Google app

well, fair. I should probably clarify the README to say “Google Call Screening”