Suggestion to add Mailo and Zoho Mail to Email Services: Mailo: Zoho:

I’m looking to switch away from Gmail to a more trustable email provider, and watched this video by The Linux Experiment on some alternatives. He suggested 3 alternatives: Proton Mail, Net C(seems to have rebranded to Mailo), and Zoho Mail. The current free options on the website have either or both of these issues (I’m a teen, and my parents won’t pay for paid email providers):

  1. Have very less labels and folders
  2. Don’t have support for most third-party email clients
    But both Mailo and Zoho do

I request the site admins to add these 2 tools to the Email Services section of the Recommended Tools page on the website, after reviewing the services thoroughly, as I am not too knowledgeable on the ins and outs regarding these matters.

Mailo doesn’t meet minimum requirements nor does Zoho. Specifically there is no DNSSEC, DANE, CAA or MTA-STS. We don’t add things to the site because some youtuber recommends them.

Best bet would be to use a free Protonmail, or Tutanota account perhaps, or try to convince them, to go with a family plan.

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