Remove Proton Calendar from PG

The code of Proton Calendar is not open-source since a few years (last update was in 2021 : GitHub - ProtonMail/proton-calendar: Proton Calendar built with React. ).

Last year Proton talked about this and they say they were planning to add it to github repository, but still nothing : Reddit - Dive into anything

As we have no guarentee that Proton Calendar is 100% E2EE (no one can check the code), it is heart breaking for me to suggest to temporarily remove Proton Calendar from PG.

PS : Today is my birthday

Happy birthday. My understanding is that all of Proton’s web-based source code was moved to this combined “monorepo”:

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Thank you !

So the web source is available, isn’t it a problem if the source code isn’t available for other devices (Android, iOS…) ?

Instead of removing it, we could maybe add a note next to Proton Calendar’s section to say that the source code is not available yet for other devices (not updated since 2021), if you think it could be important for users to know.

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The Android and iOS apps are here:

that’s not the calendar app

This is Proton Mail app, not Calendar app

I was on autopilot after switching tasks, my bad