Recommendations to archive large amounts of emails online?

I have an old Yandex Mail account, which for obvious reasons I would like to delete. I am looking into alternatives to archive those emails and I want them to be online, as I want to be able to retrieve old emails from any shared computer, and don’t want to take care of backing up some local or server storage myself, the error risk makes me anxious for such data.

I wouldn’t use the new email account actively, it would just be one or two mail boxes to migrate my old Yandex emails and redirect new messages from my main accounts (Disroot and work emails, which don’t offer huge storage).

I have set up and it works well, but:

  • I don’t need to use my personal domain so setting that up was actually inconvenient for no benefits for me,
  • one strength Migadu users often put forward is Migadu does not charge for the number of email addresses/aliases, but for the actual storage in use. This is great for some, but I need exactly the opposite: more storage at a better price, while limited email addresses is fine. For the amount of storage I need, would cost me about $300/year, which is more than my budget.

Any ideas? Thanks!