Recommend Molly instead of Signal

Instead of just adding a link at the bottom “Signal Configuration and Hardening”

Molly has a really great track record with almost immediate updates with Signal upstream.

it is also recommended by GOS

While I generally think Molly is safe, it’s yet another party you have to put your trust in. Also, if you like the original software, you should probably use that or sponsor it, instead of a fork, so the project keeps getting maintained.


Molly forked Signal because Moxie (signal dev) didn’t want to implement local database encryption because “it will be stored in memory forever at first unlock” which Molly dev proved him wrong Signal vs Molly vs Molly-FOSS - GrapheneOS Discussion Forum and with a lot of other features.


The real killer feature of Molly is that it uses much less battery to get notifications without Play Services.

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The devs of Signal posted this shady comment about such forks, so I don’t think recommending Molly is good idea, even if it is somehow better.

In case comment will be removed:

Hey there! Just some background on the website release: it was never intended to be completely free of any Google Play dependencies – instead, all our builds have a fallback such that during registration, if we detect there’s no Play Services, we will fallback to using a websocket for notifications. Using FCM for notification delivery still provides the most reliable user experience and is something we’d prefer to use if the user has Play Services available on their device.

Concerning F-Droid, we already providing an auto-updating APK directly from our site, and we really don’t want forked versions of the app maintained by other parties connecting to our servers. Not only could the users using the forked version have a subpar experience, but the people they’re talking to (using official clients) could also have a subpar experience (for example, an official client could try to send a new kind of message that the fork, having fallen out of date, doesn’t support). I know you say you’d advocate for a build expiry, but you know how things go. Of course you have our full support if you’d like to fork Signal, name it something else, and use your own servers.

I think the rest of the discussion can happen on #9644. Thanks!

Archive link:


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One of the reasons I’m kind of against this is because people should know that Molly uses the Signal network and isn’t just based off it. Signal has strong branding and I don’t think we should confuse people by pretending Molly is something else entirely.

Without Signal, Molly would not exist not just development wise but in the physicals sense too.

It did however get moved off into the blog article about hardening Signal though.


well you could just base of the Signal description to recommend using Molly client.

And documented the reasons.

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We’re definitely not going to recommend Molly instead of Signal, but I think we could probably add it in to Signal’s listing the same way we list Vaultwarden.


That’s what I had in mind.

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@jonah @dngray Mentioning that you don’t have to use your real phone number and that VoIP works fine with Signal at is a important imo.