Notesnook as an alternative to Standard Notes and other notebooks software?


Have you guys looked into Notesnook as a recommended tool for Notebooks section on the website? I was looking for an Evernote replacement and I came up on this through the subreddit. It looks the most similar to Evernote out of all the options and has been made open source recently. Has anyone here used it and if you have, do you recommend it?


IMO it is not an replacement for Standard Notes, If you are paying for the SN plans, as they offer more functionality. However NotesNook does have promise, and is certainly a decent alternative to Evernote or Joplin (IMO Joplin is currently better). If you are looking for a Evertnote alternative, then it is indeed a toss up between Joplin and Notesnook. Notesnook does look better appearance wise, but Joplin has been there for a long time and are fully Open Source. Currently NotesNook only has clients Open Source and Not the Back End (Will be in the future). Also Joplin has a web clipper, while Notesnook does not. Else Both are functionally same. If you want the clipper go for Joplin, else Notesnook.

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Notesnook is on our radar. The relevant part is now open-source (the backend is secondary, as it’s less of a concern is end-to-end encryption is implemented correctly).

After digging a little bit more, I’m not currently seeing a security audit for Notesnook.

In contrast to that, Standard Notes which is one of the options that we currently recommend has had an independent audit.

On the other hand, Notesnook has “Notesnook Vericrypt” which is supposed to be a tool that verified that your data is actually encrypted as it’s supposed to be.

More research is needed.


Why so many laps to add to notesnook? They must do it today.

Privacy Guides isn’t merely a list of software that looks or sounds cool. We like to take our time and evaluate our recommendations before adding them, because we feel like we have a responsibility to our community to appropriately vet what we suggest. That goes both for recommendations as well as our guides.

If you would like to expedite the process, we’re more than happy to have members of our community assist us in evaluating projects, but we will not add something just because, without having first taken a very good look at it.


Notesnook, has not got an audit yet, and has quite a few bugs. Honestly I feel it still needs a few months perhaps. Also I am unsure if the metadata is encrypted too!! But it surely is on the right track.

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What about Xournal++ ? Sadly its the only one ive found so far which supports graphic tablets