New browser thorium and mercury also throrium os

a new chromium fork and also a chrome os fork well maintained with some patches mainly ungoogled chrome os and chromium is the main offering here.

GitHub - Alex313031/Thorium-Win: Chromium fork for Windows named after radioactive element No. 90; Windows builds of (for windows)
also mercury which is a firefox fork
Mercury Browser
GitHub - Alex313031/Mercury: Firefox fork with compiler optimizations and patches from Librewolf, Waterfox, and GNU IceCat.

Should this can be included in the browser recommendation.

Absolutely not. It’s a good tweaked chomium/ChromiumOS, but it isn’t more privacy-friendly than the other options we have listed there. It’s still better than just your average spying web browser, but not by a whole lot.

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but can be mentioned


Mercury doesn’t even deliver on its performance claims: Benchmarking Mercury As The "Fastest Firefox Fork" With AVX, AES, LTO + PGO - Phoronix

Thorium isn’t even up to date right now:

Mercury also changes things that it shouldn’t, like the User Agent which both breaks compatibility and introduces privacy concerns.

Librewolf and my Mull both have a far longer track record and set the bar high, yet aren’t mentioned.
So why should some random forks be mentioned?