Mull browser (Android) automatically grants location access

The Mull browser is automatically granting Location access. (Android 12,). When you clear Browser storage (delete app data), somehow the app automatically grants Location access.


Apps can not grant themselves permissions without user confirmation. It is the OS’s job to enforce this. I tested it on GrapheneOS and what you describe does not happen there.


Perhaps @SkewedZeppelin would be best suited to answer your question

You keep posting this expecting a different response.

You’re blaming Mull instead of your broken vendor OS.


If you reset an app it also resets it’s permissions to the installation default. This is normal android behavior.

As someone pointed out on grapheneOS this doesn’t happen because they do not grant the permission by default even when requested.

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that only applies to system installed browsers:

there is something else happening here:

  • perhaps a bug in whatever Motorola did
  • perhaps @Alex456 set it as the Digital Assistant app and the system chose to give location for whatever reason
  • or @Alex456 installed it as a system app. I don’t recommend this.

are you on stock Motorola OS? an aftermarket OS? do you have any Magisk modules installed?


@SkewedZeppelin Upon reinstalling the app the issue with auto-granting location permissions seems to have disappeared, it no longer occurs. However, in the past, it persisted even after reinstalling. I am using the stock Motorola OS without any modifications like Magisk installed. Additionally, I have disabled Google Assistant. Based on your explanation, I believe it’s an OS related issue. I attempted to set it as the default digital assistant to see if the issue would recur, but it didn’t. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.