Mudi router

I got advised to use Mudi router. I checked some articles and it looks like nice solution. Is there any users of it? If so what is your impression about it?

Well maybe not a user per se, but Ive seen Mudi thing installed inside T3 checkin lounge at JFK. Worked really well with my MBP :slight_smile:

I am user. You should also consider installing blue merle software to reduce unique data sharing (IMEI, BSSID, MAC)

Works pretty fine, but needs deep configuration to get most of its features.

That could be a good topic for a contributed blog article.

You mean official by PG? Or by some forum user? :smile:

If you have one, and you know how to use it, why not.

We accept contributed posts (might just proof read them) make sure they’re up to standard but that’s okay.

Would of course attach a disclaimer at the top regarding that specific topic that it may not be legal in all parts of the world.

These are our guidelines around that:

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