Migrating to Simplelogin

Just spent three days migrating most of my accounts to simplelogin. Would you be comfortable just changing the email on already existing accounts, or would you spend the time trying to delete the old accounts and create new with SL aliases?

I want to think that on most databases all traces of the old email would simply be overwritten, but perhaps that’s not the case?

Using my own custom domain in SL, just how private is WHOIS privacy? Guessing law enforcement will be easily able to get my details from Cloudflare if they want. Hard to find that balance between privacy and practicality.

If you want Whois privacy then you should select another provider, like njalla. Cloudflare also shows openly your state and country in the whois queries.

As for email changing process, if you think that an account is not so important, delete it and recreate it with an SL alias email. If it is important, just change the email.

It took me days to convery nearly all of my accounts to SL, delete old ones, and also adapt some of the accounts to Proton aliases because I might have to reply to them properly.