Just froze my credit at the three bureaus. What other steps can I take to protect myself and my family?

I’ve taken many steps since discovering this site to increase privacy, such as switching to Firefox, Proton, disabling many trackers and personalization services, using Linux whenever possible, and a few other things.

On top of this, I’ve been wanting to take more practical steps to combine security with privacy. The two big ones I’ve done so far are switch to Aegis for local 2FA, and then, on the advice of a few finance people I like to listen to, freezing my credit at TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian (which I was able to do online instead of having to mail something in).

That last one was something I never would have figured out on my own or even thought of. But it doesn’t disrupt my family’s current credit cards and loans, and the only inconvenience it creates is that if we wanted to take out a new loan or new credit card, we’d have to temporarily unfreeze it, which isn’t hard.

What other steps are there for improving security alongside the privacy recommendations of this site?

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Im going to add the usual “it depends on your threat model”

If you deem your online life ia secure enough within reason, maybe try to look into physical security?

There is a 4th credit monitoring service you should freeze called Innovis

If you want to go further into the weeds with other types of credit monitoring, these 2 offer freezes
NCTUE - for Telcomm & Utilities credit reporting.
ChexSystems - is a bank account screening consumer reporting agency.