Is Brave better for fingerprinting because you blend in with Chrome users?

Wouldn’t Brave be better for fingerprinting since it blends with the chrome users ?

I would say that a feature Firefox has but Brave misses is the container add-on. But that one is for more advanced users.

There is no crowd of “Chrome users” to blend in with, because you can’t blend in to a crowd filled with completely unique browsers. (A study published in 2017 demonstrated an approach that could uniquely identify 99.24% of users, without even taking into account their IP address.)

Using a privacy browser like Firefox with Arkenfox tweaks cannot make you stand out more, because when you are already completely unique, becoming “more unique” is impossible. Fingerprint resistance features in Firefox and Brave are generally not meant to make your browser unidentifiable at all, they merely block tracker scripts from collecting certain metrics, which in turn can make your browser unidentifiable to certain—but not all—tracking scripts which rely on those metrics.

If you want to blend in with other users, use Mullvad Browser or Tor Browser.


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