Include ublue images
Ublue is a container focus dostro which is built using fedora and ostree.

Please put more effort into your posts. As Jonah recommended in a thread you opened more than a year ago,

I would recommend reading Linux Overview - Privacy Guides, and if you have additional desktop OS recommendations you can create one new thread in the Tool Suggestions category here for each one, as long as reasons why it should be added instead of just a link to their website.


Include ublue images

Please make your case (in more than 3 words)

Why do you believe uBlue should be recommended instead of (or along with) the currently recommended distros? And which specific uBlue image would you like to see recommended?

What Privacy and/or security advantages does uBlue have that would warrant a recommendation over the dozens of other good Linux distros out there (especially Fedora Workstation, and Fedora Silverblue which are already recommended).

Universal Blue as a project is interesting to me, I have Bluefin installed in VM right right now, but I am not sure it has any standout security or privacy features that warrant recommending it officially at this point in time. And in terms of security I tend to have a bit of a bias towards larger well established upstream projects, than smaller less established projects if there focus isn’t specifically security (e.g. Kicksecure). That said, I’m only mildly informed about uBlue, if you are aware of specific ways in which it improves upon the security or privacy of Fedora Atomic distros, I’d be really interested to hear more about them.


This includes all the codecs and everything that is needed to run a system and secondly this works out of the box for all systems. With better battery life.
And all other details are already covered in their website.

For anyone who’s curious: Universal Blue is a family of dozens of unofficial Fedora Atomic images. They all feature QoL additions such as rpmfusion codecs, as well as other software.

Aurora and Bluefin are their featured KDE and Gnome images. Aurora is just vanilla KDE with more preinstalled software. Bluefin tweaks the Gnome shell to offer an Ubuntu-like desktop.

I think these images do offer a better experience than the upstream Fedora Atomics. New users exploring Fedora Atomic will likely find these helpful.

On a related note, Secureblue, which we’ve discussed previously, is a UBlue descendant.