How Safe Can I make A Regular Android?

Ok now I think I sent you message.

Also what are your thoughts on consumer reports PERMISSION SLIP

You can just create an account with a random name, date and birth, email, etc. Just don’t give Google your phone number.

Wait does that count even if you havent signed into a google account at all on device. Play services is stil functiong. I was hoping by not signing into google account it took some control away, was I mistaken.

Yes, there is no difference if you’re signed in or not.

Yes, you did. I got it. I’ll reply later today.

I don’t know much about Permission Slip and I am unable to install it as it’s not available in Australia. Consumer Reports is trusted though. They also have Security Planner so you can get a personalised plan.

I would recommend the Play Store. It is the safest way to install apps. GitHub can have some problems, like malicious forks of popular applications. Even GrapheneOS recommends the Play Store.

Ok if I just use the playstore I am not able to download an app when my VPN is on. Well matter of fact I havent been able to download from any app store. How do I fix that? Do I just turn the vpn off when I download? Won’t that then give the app info I may not want them to have. I would hate to think that getting a vpn subscription was the worst decision I’ve made thus far in trying to take control back. You dont have to answer that part I already know it was, lol.

Thank you, I dont have GrapheneOS unfortunately I am stuck with these samsung phones that dont allow me to change OS. I just bought them not knowing but I will be getting pixels in the near future. Will that guide still work for me.

I saw that you’re using NordVPN, right? It’s not a good VPN. You should try to change servers, and if that doesn’t fix the issue, then well… You should just pick a good provider, like Proton VPN.

It will work, but there is no reason to follow it because Google already has your unique hardware identifiers because you’re using stock OS and not something like GrapheneOS.