Firefox is total nightmare product out of the box!

If you’re using a fork anyways, use LibreWolf rather than Waterfox. Actually does a lot more stuff to harden the browser, and isn’t as slow to update (despite the aversion people seem to have to LibreWolf here, it usually updates within a day or so of upstream releases). There really isn’t any need to use Waterfox over anything else, especially when LibreWolf exists as the best FireFox fork for privacy and security by far.

More bad news:

They now also start collecting search data of users based in the USA:


Disappointing, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world if you read into their implementation.

From the Firefox Privacy Notice:

Search categories: In the US, Firefox sends Mozilla the high-level categories of things you search for (e.g. sports, travel, food, etc.) but not your actual search terms, unless you specifically agree to send us that information. Where this occurs, the search category is not shared with our partners and Mozilla is not able to associate the search category with an individual user once the search results have been served. You can opt out of search category data collection at any time.

Mozilla is also using OHTTP to further anonymize the data, and it still meets the 4 points I outlined above:

  • Easy to disable
  • Very transparent (Through about:telemetry, you can see everything being sent)
  • Properly anonymized
  • Not sold or shared to 3rd parties or used for advertising/tracking (i.e. Google and Microsoft)

So, eh, I won’t lie that I am disappointed, I feel like we should be seeing less telemetry instead of more, but it doesn’t seem much worse or more invasive than the telemetry Firefox already has.


FF has container tabs and no other feature even comes close.