DivestOS is unsustainable and needs community support!

Donate here:

Happy New Year! DivestOS and the Divested projects as they currently stand are ultimately unsustainable. My goal for 2023 was to acquire a grant to continue my work, I was unsuccessful. Today (2024-01-05) I am announcing a fundraiser of raising $12,000 USD by end of February. It may be a stretch to ask, but I hope you all have found sufficient value in my work to keep these projects going. If it is unsuccessful I will switch to a full-time job and the Divested projects will take a backseat. To those who have donated, I truly appreciate your support. Thank you - Tavi.

I’ve already sent $5 as XMR and you all should consider donating too! DivestOS is a great project bringing privacy and security to many Android phones out there. I consider DivestOS to be LineageOS but significantly better! The ROM is recommended by PrivacyGuides and many other privacy advocates out there!

Every dollar counts here, even just $1. The project is declared as “unsustainable” by the lead developer @SkewedZeppelin. $3,908 were currently donated as of 2024-01-08, we should keep going.

They don’t only work on DivestOS, but also on Mull, a privacy-oriented browser based on Firefox. I use it myself and the experience with it is fantastic. They also work on Mulch, a security-oriented browser based on Chromium.

In the donation link above, you can donate via Stripe, Liberapay, BTC and of course Monero a.k.a. XMR.

Keep up the great work! @SkewedZeppelin :heart:


Yep go for it. I’m in as well, for one I use Mull (or Brave) and for two I find his posts very informative




@SkewedZeppelin Deserves every cent :heart:


This is definitely a project worth donating to (just donated myself). Especially considering that DivestOS and Mull and all the other Divested side projects are resting on the shoulders of only one person.


But why?
Is this intentional?

@AlphaElwedritsch because there is only one person who is in charge of everything DivestOS related.

Btw: Is your question serious?

I guess so. Nothing wrong in my opinion. Concerned / curious question.
My guess it’s a personal passion project from a perfectionist :white_check_mark:

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I never donate to anything, and I am broke as heck. But this is one of those things that deserves support.

I do implore the rest of the community to donate and keep the project alive


I only have cash but I still want to contribute, so I did this:


Donated 3$ :slight_smile:


Done, never used DivestOS but I know the importance of it and acknowledge Tavi great work. I’m impressed that he is aiming “only” for a 12k target year to not have to go back to a full time job.

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It’s not for 2024 entirely, it’s until March.

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I have recently installed DivestOS, the excellent soft fork of LineageOS going great lengths to remove proprietary blobs while keeping a very functional system.
It even received major recognition and awards from the FSF and here on PrivacyGuides.

The dev running this project needs your support to secure funding for 2024.

The campaign will run until the end of February, and will guarantee he can still work on DivestOS as his primary project.
Please go check it out, and consider donating what you can to support his efforts!

PS: he also develops and maintains the Mulch and Mull de-blobbed and privacy-oriented Chrome & Firefox forks for Android


Just wanted to bump this thread. One week left everyone. We are so close!

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