Best Method To Obtain Apps?

I’ve recently come to know that F-Droid is not recommended. I’ve been searching for other options, but I’m really lost on what is generally the recommended method to obtain apps now. My setup is GrapheneOS with GPS (Google Play Services) installed, so I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to using the Play Store (although I don’t have a burner account setup). So, what’s generally considered the best method now? (Obtanium, Play Store, Aurora Store…)

Aurora is a Play-Store cient, so effectively you’d get the same apps at no extra level of privacy (especially because you use GMS)

Obtainium basically just scrapes the web - including F-Droid - without signature verification checks.

So generally, the Play Store is as good as you can get since that still checks for signature verification?

Check this out:

My recommendation: If you need any apps that depend on Google Play Services or if you need any apps that are only available on the Play Store, then just use the Play Store. Otherwise, use F-Droid.

Yeah that’s definitely a discussion I’m keeping an eye on, although I have to say that my original view on F-Droid came from PrivSec’s article, not necessarily from here.