Add openSUSE MicroOS Desktop to Linux Distributions

MicroOS Desktop is basically openSUSE’s equivalent to Fedora Silverblue/Kinoite, just imho a bit better.

  • Immutable system
  • Based on the rolling openSUSE Tumbleweed (so it should be even more up to date than Fedora which has a new release every 6 months)
  • Automatic daily updates without needing user input/approval
  • Automatic rollbacks if a system update went wrong (based on btrfs + snapper I think, so relatively space-saving way of keeping the old system image)
  • Choice of GNOME and KDE Plasma
  • GUI applications are installed as Flatpaks. If not available as Flatpaks (e.g. CLI applications or those that need root) can be set up in Distrobox (equivalent to Toolbox in Fedora SB/Kinoite but imho superior) or as a last resort via the transactional-update command (equivalent to rpm-ostree in Fedora SB/Kinoite).

So basically this is like Fedora Silverblue/Kinoite but even more up to date and hands-off.

As openSUSE Tumbleweed is already recommended in the “traditional distros” section, I’d recommend adding MicroOS Desktop in the immutable section.

Interesting project, ill be looking into it.

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Havent tried it yet, very happy with Kinoite. Its literally the first distro I didnt break. Is KDE stable? Some time ago it was a horrible experience, I guess it got better. But gnome seems to always be better in preconfigs. Are flatpak apps autoinstalled?

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Yes, Flatpaks are set up automatically. See Portal:MicroOS/Desktop - openSUSE Wiki

For KDE:

In Discover, the flathub repository is enabled upon first login, and some flatpaks are installed by default (Mozilla Firefox and kCalc)

For Gnome:

At first boot flatpaks are enabled and some flatpaks are installed by default (Mozilla Firefox, Text Editor, Gnome Calculator and Extension Manager).

Currently they say on the Wiki that KDE is not as mature as Gnome in MicroOS, but according to various reviews I’ve seen it is already very usable and the missing pieces are smaller bits like for now having to install global themes for KDE through Discover, but the main functionality is all there already.

On Kinoite you cant install Global themes at all, which is a problem of SDDM writing to a read-only path, so upstream issue. There is a workaround, sddm2rpm

I’ve tried both a fresh Tumbleweed KDE and MicroOS KDE in a VM and can see no difference between the two KDE implementations. Both seem to work fine and I’m not sure why it still has the “alpha” status for MicroOS. Updating and installing the Flatpaks through Discover works as well.